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Rich in Color: Animated Life Inside NBA's "Bubble" Basketball Camp

Sources are reporting an astounding $150 million dollar price tag to complete and operate a new facility in Orlando, FL to house NBA players during their preseason practices. It's called "The Bubble." Since there wasn't any footage of life inside "The Bubble" just yet - our crew was hired to produce a full color animation featuring the NBA players decked out in their uniforms and masks (no exceptions!) Narrated by Maria Taylor, this animated video depicts what the NBA's Bubble might look like in Orlando during the 2020 preseason, where 22 teams plus their staff will live and practice during quarantine. Watch the full clip here: After the creation of the English video, ESPN wanted to translate this piece into Spanish for ESPN Deportes . We provided our client with new on-screen translations to the artwork and the final product came out beautifully. The full Spanish version is embedded below.

Going Back to Work with Proper Mask and Glove Wearing Techniques

If you're in the dark on how to properly wear, replace and dispose of masks and gloves in an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19, you are not alone. In fact, a Fortune 100 company recently reached out to 321 Fast Draw to create a whiteboard animation video for its sales reps, and the entire company overall, as they embark on their latest business re-entry phase. We were able to create an easy-to-understand whiteboard animation to show how to properly use personal protective equipment, or PPE.  The result has been a resounding success ! Contact 321 Fast Draw today to customize a PPE animation for your employees so everyone can get on the same page as work resumes.  Reach out to to learn more!  Visit our website at Follow 321 Fast Draw on Facebook Follow 321 Fast Draw on Twitter Follow 321 Fast Draw on Instagram Follow 321 Fast Draw on LinkedIn