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Million Dollar Results on a Budget

A client of ours - a large packaging company - wanted to make a big splash to announce an international merger. They wanted it to be fun, irreverent, and colorful.

The idea we pitched? Dancing packages!

So... how did we do it?

We could have gone 3D all the way along with integrating motion capture technology to animate complicated dance sequences...but we didn’t have the time or budget for that. So we opted for a more novel approach.

Using a motorized lazy susan, we filmed high-resolution digital stills of each package spinning in a complete 360 degree circle.

Then we used After Effects to key out the background and exported the spin as a QuickTime video with alpha (animation codec).

Next, using the puppeting tool in Adobe After Effects, our talented animators were able to choreograph simple dance moves and used the time remap tool to spin the package as needed.


To further enhance the dancing effect, we filmed professional dancers from the Joel Hall Dance Company to be used…