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A Day in the Life of 24-year-old MVP Winner Giannis Antetokounmpo

Milwaukee Buck Giannis Antetokounmpo just won the Most Valuable Player Award and he's the third youngest to do so in the last 40 years. You may wonder what the 'Greek Freak' does to prepare for game day like an MVP. After getting the inside scoop on his game-day routine, 321 Fast Draw illustrated the fascinating methods used by of one of today's best NBA players. What does it take to be the best in your field? The answer may surprise you.  Find out the secret to being an MVP in this full color animated video that we helped produce for ESPN. "Giannis Antetokounmpo routinely torches his opponents on the floor, but his practice and pregame routine with the Milwaukee Bucks is as specific as they get and gets him in the right zone to play at an MVP level. Malika Andrews documents." - NBA on ESPN Read more on ESPN : Giannis is third-youngest to win MVP in 40 years. To find out more about 321 Fast Draw, visit: Follow us on Face

Career Day at Columbia Explorers Academy in Chicago

School isn’t out for summer just yet! While CPS students across Chicago are winding down the school year and counting down the days to summer break, a standout group of 7th graders from Columbia Explorers Academy , 4250 So. Kedzie Ave, had an opportunity to end the year with a twist. This year’s annual Columbia Explorers Academy Career Day featured a group of diverse CPS volunteers to talk about what they became when they grew up! 321 Fast Draw was invited to participate in this event and had such a wonderful time connecting with the future screenwriters, illustrators, editors, and animators of tomorrow.   When speakers Diane and Jackie from 321 Fast Draw arrived, they were welcomed by two smiling students ready to escort them to their first meeting room with snacks and other friendly faces, including administration and other career day volunteers. The school signage and artwork in the hallway was uplifting and captivating at every turn, and showcased a variety of cultures and

Then vs Now: The Evolution of Animation

With several blockbuster hits being released in 2019, one of the most anticipated movies coming out this summer is Toy Story 4 . The final installment of Pixar’s Toy Story series has come a long way since the release of the first film back in 1995, and features many of the same voices including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusak. What has stuck with us throughout the years are the charming and relatable personalities of each toy and their ability to connect with us, the audience. The evolution of animation has given story writers, voiceover talents, and visual artists the opportunity to change the way animated storytelling is brought to life.  The evolution of animation hasn’t only affected Pixar, but it has made a huge, positive impact for our team here at 321 Fast Draw. For us, the way we create whiteboards has evolved over the years as technology has changed and software has upgraded; however, it's never stopped us from showcasing the message we're trying to get

Storytelling Throughout the Ages: Hieroglyphics to Emojis

Have you ever sat down to text your friend an emoji and thought about how one simple thing like the smiley face ever got started? When people think of storytelling, they seem to forget how far back it began to connect people across the globe. As early civilizations evolved, their visual languages expanded and became more communicable. And we thank the ancient Egyptians for creating a clear, efficient way of telling stories through their use of hieroglyphics. The term “hieroglyphic” originates from the Greek words hiero (‘holy’) and glypho (‘writing’). The Ancient Egyptians began using hieroglyphics (also referred to medu netjer, or ‘the gods’ words’) as a way to communicate. By using symbols strung together, the first visual stories were born. This culture believed stories were divine in nature and something that would be carried on far ahead into the future. Turns out they were right! Maya, Inca, Aztec  "Evolution of Egyptian Writing and Language"  Hieroglyphic sy