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Caín Velásquez Transformed Overnight into Comic Book Style Wrestler

"I'm very sorry to be asking you this... this is probably not possible... but we would need the video by Friday..." said the producer of SC Reportajes latest video segment. "...Is that possible?" he asked. "...And also, we would need one version in English and one version in Spanish." Then he paused. It was Tuesday afternoon and our creative team had gathered for a conference call for a new project. Everyone in the room looked at each other and shook their heads in agreement. "That is possible... We can definitely deliver that for you." replied 321 creative director Ken. The next morning our illustrators and graphic artists bustled into the studio ready to rock n' roll. We started with pencil sketches and delivered a video storyboard pitching our initial concepts. After a quick approval from the client, we were off to the races in production. Raw sketch from 321 Fast Draw illustration room Professional wrestler and Mixe