Entrepreneurial Insights: Our Top 5 Sketchbook List

As most of us hunker down in one spot trying to conduct, and possibly salvage, our businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought you might enjoy a few "pearls of wisdom" from some of the world's leading entrepreneurs. Over the last ten years, we've been producing whiteboard animations for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation "Sketchbook" series, and highlighting these individuals has never grown old. Here's our top 5 sketchbook picks from our Kauffman playlist:

5) Kauffman Sketchbook "Visionaries" by 321 Fast Draw

The two "visionaries" and co-founders of Warby Parker, Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal, explain their entrepreneurial journey into the business of eyewear.

4) Kauffman Sketchbook "Cracking the Code of Success" by 321 Fast Draw

Amy Wilkinson, author of The Creator's Code, in which she interviews the world's most creative entrepreneurs on what they have learned from starting up their businesses.

3) Kauffman Sketchbook "Passion Incorporated" by 321 Fast Draw

Neil Grimmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Plum Organics, explains how entrepreneurs can apply the principles of design thinking to develop a new product, business or an entire industry. The hand-drawn graphics from this video were adapted into a 2-page spread that was printed in Inc. Magazine's 32nd Annual 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies In America issue.

2) Kauffman Sketchbook "Go Be An Entrepreneur" by 321 Fast Draw

Serial Entrepreneur, Geoffrey Clapp, encourages businesses to "go build something... it doesn't even really matter what it is... go do something together."

1) Kauffman Sketchbook "The Middle is the New Edge" by 321 Fast Draw

Wendy Guillies, President and CEO of the Kansas City-based Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, discusses why the middle is the new edge: "The makers, doers and dreamers who live in and approach life from the middle are solving today's big problems and launching tomorrow's new ideas."

And that's our list! If you're feeling "enlightened" or entertained and would like to see more, just check out our YouTube channel for more whiteboard and 2D animation videos.

As we brace for the days ahead in these unprecedented times, we are thinking of all the small business owners and entrepreneurs out there doing anything they can to keep their businesses open. Please stay safe!

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