The Problem is you're too smart.

Ever feel like you are surrounded by people who just don’t get it?

The reason you’re struggling to get your message across may be that you are just too smart.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, I know, but it’s not your fault.

It’s a phenomenon many suffer from; we sit down at a keyboard and suddenly feel the need to flex our vocabulary muscle…how do we even function in life without a thesaurus at our side?
But have you ever sat down to write and asked yourself, “What is the reading level of my audience?” 
The answer may surprise you.

Talking to a general audience?   The national adult average is about 8.2 (that’s 8th grade…yikes).

This helps explain why authors like Ernest Hemingway, Ayn Rand, Stephen King, and JK Rowling - some of the most successful of all time - write between a 4th and 6th grade level!

This explains everything!  You’ve been surrounded by people with the mentality of 8th graders, that’s why no one understands you!
Don’t worry…help has arrived!  Here’s a great tool for finding out what level your writing is coming in at: Readability Score

You can also learn techniques for writing to specific reading levels here:How to right to your audiences reading level.

But of course that’s just the beginning, there is one language that is universal and is not dependent on reading level…and that’s visual storytelling.
Ask any filmmaker and they will tell you…write at a 5th grade level…you can sell a few million books. (In fact 30% of all Americans have read at least one Harry Potter book)
Add visuals to that story, the numbers can double. (61% of all Americans have seen at least one Harry Potter Film)
You can contact a major Hollywood film studio to help you with your next presentation.
Or if your budget is a little less, try using a visual storytelling company like 321fastdraw ( to help make your message clear and accessible.

Reading level of this blog: 6th grade (you’re welcome).

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